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At Butler, Toweson & Payseno - PLLC, we have learned that a client's needs are best served by using a team approach towards legal services. While each attorney in our firm has their particular area of primary practice focus, the firm has adopted a strategy which calls upon the skills and experience of each of our attorneys to better and more comprehensively address each legal matter for our clients. Files are often reviewed by more than one attorney, and it is not uncommon to have two or more attorneys play an active part in your representation.

Depending on your particular matter and the issues involved, you will typically meet, first, with a single attorney to assess your legal situation and to receive any information you may have regarding your case. Then, if we are contracted to represent you after our fees have been fully and satisfactorily explained, this attorney will then formulate the case strategy and often consult with his or her colleagues as the case proceeds, taking advantage of other opinions that may be offered to assist you with your legal problem. We believe that this strategy enables us to provide aggressive, competent and successful representation as well as give you the confidence that you are receiving effective assistance and counsel with your legal matters.

Our interaction with you will be based on mutual respect and an understanding that communication with you at all stages of your legal matter is a priority. If you have questions during the course of your matter, you should feel free to contact attorneys and staff with regard to such questions or concerns. Feel free to stop in at any time to meet us; we are happy to show you how our services can help you.

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