Civil Litigation

Practicing Attorneys:
George T. Perrett

Related Areas: Lawsuits, Civil Suit, Contest

Civil LitigationConflicts arise between individuals or between companies all the time—whether it's a property line dispute, a wrongful employment termination or a breach of contract action. Nearly any time of disagreement can escalate and land in court. The issue is often how the conflict should be resolved. Civil litigation gives you the means to resolve your conflicts, without inappropriate activity and with a court giving you an opportunity to be heard, to consider the relative strengths and weaknesses of your position in accordance with the law. We handle a variety of civil disputes, be it between individuals, or between employers and employees, or with companies or partners. Cases can include breaches of contract, fraud, business disputes, appeals, real estate disputes, personal injury, landlord-tenant litigation, and more.

Whether its money you seek or an order directing that some activity stop, Butler, Toweson & Payseno - PLLC has the legal experience to strongly advocate your position before both state and federal courts. Give us an opportunity to be problem solvers with you, and we are confident you will be pleased with the results.

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